"Soy un vampiro, y tras años y años de experiencia aprendí a soportar la luz del sol, los ajos, y las estacas en el corazón."

~Jack Red

08 julio 2015

Lava Lamp & Music 10 (Labyrinth of Wrinch)

Fields of dust
Bloody waves all around
Space as dark as fear
And I am here

Free, I won't be

I am so far, lost in this land
Prisoner of this unknown place
I can't return

Im waiting for you
In the cold white snow
Freeze on my hands
And I am here

I dream of you
And you breathe on my nape
I miss your smile and your wrinkled hands
Will I ever be alone

Please don't cry
Cause my fate is now drawn
I want you to forget my name
Farewell, farewell...

Where are you ?
My dearest, I feel betrayed
Why don't you answer me ?
Without you I can't live...

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